I'm being charged for data!

Firstly, ensure you're using Maxis GRPS WAP or Maxis 3G WAP settings only when browsing BOTS. Using Maxis Internet settings will incur data charges. As we've mentioned before, we DO NOT charge for data. We make nothing by charging you data. Some of you are getting charged but some aren't. This is because Maxis data suppression works like this:

By browsing any WAP site in Maxis like Maxis main page or Maxis Lifestyle or even BOTS, Maxis will sometimes charge you for data FIRST then REFUND you later. So the next time you find your credit deducted, check it 1 hour or 1 day later to see if you got your refund.

We're NOT AUTHORIZED to charge and refund you for data, only Maxis has the authority to.

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